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Monday, November 21, 2011

Repeat of a great weekend?

I’d say so!  And I know I gave a little ‘sneak peak’ before the weekend… but that’s all in reference to a girls' getaway from earlier this year and therefore because it was so darn relaxing & dreamy, we decided to do it again!  What’s so wrong with that?  I mean if I could sell one place on you to visit this would be it – oh no, don’t want to confuse things – I didn’t stay the weekend at the Grove Park Inn (although I’m sure the accommodations are fantastic) – I’m instead referring to the Grove Park Inn Spa – yes, that’s right, “Heavenly on Earth”… (or so I’d like to call it).  This place is magnificent.  The way it was constructed on a mountain with the rock a part of the interior design & décor, to the amenities, service & treatments; for the price & time spent in the facilities… well worth it!  And the view?  Well, you can’t quite beat that either – gorgeous (cool) fall sunset with a cocktail in hand to stay warm.  ;) 

And so that’s how the weekend started…


Grove Park Inn – Asheville, NC


view from the back of the main building


another shot of the additions to the Inn – this place is huge!


catching a quick sunset shot (even if it is a little dark)


one of my all-time favs…

After wrapping up the Spa day, we headed to Bouchon, a small French Bistro in downtown Asheville.  The smells and food were intoxicating & the waiter was just as pleasant!  Well done – hats off to the chefs; and as for the desserts?  Well, we opted for three – and the one I chose for the table to share was the Crème Brulee Flight – yep 4 in 1!  And what’s interesting about this dessert after spending a day in the Spa with smells and products full of rosemary, lavender and other herbs is that our desserts were made with the same things!  So although it was delicious, I have to say that it was tough taking down the lavender portion of the dessert flight – sort-of felt like I was eating the Spa products – oops!?




Crème Brulee Flight at Bouchon

The rest of the weekend was spent shopping, eating (Tupelo Honey Café is fantastic – and with two locations – you can’t go wrong at either place!), more shopping, more eating (Corner Kitchen in Biltmore Village for another delicious dinner and fabulous waitress) and catching up on sleep!  After a number of recent weekends celebrating my sister Adrienne and her fiancé Pauls’ upcoming wedding (and I mean celebrating), it was nice to have a low-key weekend away in which I actually did catch up on sleep.


good ‘ole Southern sweet tea at Tupelo Honey Café




a very tiny appetizer (crab mix atop a cucumber slice – delicious!)

The one down side to this weekend was (if this is even a down side), I forgot my camera and left it behind at home… I know, right?!  Terrible!!  A weekend in the mountains in the fall and I forget my camera??  Well good thing the iPhone takes good pictures… so I wasn’t too bad off in capturing some of the weekend, but I didn’t get great people shots – so here’s to the scenery & food… such will have to do – Cheers!


Who doesn’t love champagne for no reason?!?

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