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Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day

Today is a special Veterans Day in my heart – it’s a day to honor those who have served and continue to serve our country in all areas of the military (from the Army and Navy, to the Air Force, Marines and National Guard)… today we salute you. 




Mom awaiting Grindaddy’s arrival home from his Honor Flight (2010)

And on this special Veterans Day I remember my grandfather who passed away earlier this year.  “Grindaddy” served in WWII and just about a year ago with a very last-minute phone call and one open slot, he was given the opportunity to go with other military veterans to see the WWII Memorial in Washington, DC – a fantastic opportunity that I know made his year.  And just this week on the news I watched as more veterans returned home around our state from other Honor Flights to do the same thing.



It’s a bittersweet day in memory of my grandfather who lived to 92, but it’s also a day to thank my fellow friends and family who have also served in the Marines and other branches of the military – to say thanks – thanks for the bravery you provided and unselfishness that you are, and for serving our country to protect our freedom.

So today if you’re enjoying this national holiday off work, keep an eye out for those military personnel or veterans that are out and about, and say THANKS



     -(Honor Flight pics from 2010 courtesy The Greenville News & WYFF)

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Chase Irons said...

What an awesome tribute to your Grindaddy! I know Veterans Day last year meant so much to him and what an honor to be apart of such a special ceremony. Thinking of you all today!