Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it. - Danny Kaye

Monday, October 31, 2011

Someone’s gettin' married!

Yep!  My sister… in less than two months!  And what happens before a marriage?  That’s right… a super fun bachelorette weekend!!  I’ve just returned from a three-night stay at the beach where my sister Liz and I helped host our youngest sister’s bachelorette weekend.  There were a number of fun events throughout the weekend – including the surprise of two cousins who flew in for the weekend from Philadelphia & California!!  (Man, she must be a cool sister to have those special visitors!)  And so the surprises and weekend events continued and went off with ease and perfection… from dinners out, to late night cocktails & girl chat to last-minute outfit shopping and celebrating non-stop! 

Below are some photos from a fun weekend in which I came back way too tired & with little voice left… I guess you could say it was a success!!


A surprise visit at Basil in downtown Charleston – our cousin Kara from Philadelphia!


Surprise #2 – Tammy from Lake Tahoe, California!  (thanks for the help, Anna Kate!)


prepping for the “shower”




Lucky to have a third cousin for the weekend – Katherine from Mt. Pleasant!


What a beautiful group of ladies… if I may say so myself!


The beautiful bachelorette – Adrienne Werntz (soon to be Hoefer)!


my bestie & the wedding singer, Ellen


A & AK – you did great with all the planning secrets & helping us ‘pull it all off"'!


What a great weekend to celebrate one of Adrienne Werntz’s last single girls’ weekends – cheers to you, beautiful “Bachelorette-soon-to-be-wife”… I’m so lucky to have you two as my sisters – you both are the best!!

xoxo  :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Orange popping up everywhere!

OK, that wasn’t a reference to my husband’s alma mater Clemson University although it seems their orange really is popping up in the news this football season… the kind of orange I’m referring to though (and the orange I love to see this time of year) is Halloween & Fall décor!  Yep, it was beyond time to pull out the Halloween décor and so we finally did this week.  It seems around our house that the color orange is almost everywhere…(let alone the fact that I painted our living room orange when I first bought this house) – well, “baked clay”, but it’s ok with me especially as the weather cools down and the days get shorter…it’s a bright color that makes everyone happy…am I right?

…from the slightly cheesy (but oh so cute) Jack-O-Lantern string lights…


…to the homemade scarecrow from my senior year of high school art class…



…to the mantle décor which carries over into the month November & Thanksgiving…





…to the gorgeous flowers this time of year…


…even to the bourbon in the decanter…


…and placemats at the dining room table…


…but most importantly, doesn’t it look great ON?!?!?!  I’d say so…


So even if it’s not YOUR color, enjoy the changes of the season and colors of the holidays…after all, doesn’t the color ORANGE make you feel all warm inside?!?!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Ready for…


your weekend begins now

You know, I use the tag line “out to find the creative side of life” on my Twitter account and yet I haven’t really been all that creative lately nor sought out my creative side and it’s a little saddening to me.  There are a number of things that have made me think more creatively lately (without yet acting on them) and also some things that have made me feel like I could be more creative (again, without an end result), but I just haven’t pushed the envelope so-to-speak.  And with the lack of expressing my creative side (hence the complete obsolete postings on The Family Jewell lately) I’ve decided to reach back out and try to find that side again.  Sounds like I’m searching deep, but I think it’s just that I need to look at the small things again, the on-the-surface stuff, and not read between the lines so much – because in the end, it’s the little things in life that are supposed to make us happy, right?  So now I finally admit to myself and to others…that I’m ready for…


(stay tuned…)