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Monday, July 25, 2011

7/24…(not to be confused with “24/7”)

This weekend we opted for a quick, last-minute get-away to celebrate our first anniversary.  We decided to keep it a short drive and hopped up to Charlotte for a day/night trip to enjoy the city a little differently than we normally do (which is to hit up South Park Mall).  We started out by having lunch in a new area (new to us) called NoDa (North Davidson area).  At the recommendation of a friend we tried Cabo Fish Taco which was quick and very uniquely delicious!  Southern California style food mixed with Mexican Traditional food made for a nice lunch to start our “tour of Charlotte for a day”.  Next we drove through downtown and there spotted an old elementary school field trip destination (Discovery Place) and decided to go inside…this time to appreciate it’s learning aspects as adults.  David had never been to Discovery Place and I’m pretty sure it was very different from my original trip which was almost 20 years ago…so it was fun and educational, but definitely geared towards kids’ learning…but we were able to see unique rainforest animals, things under microscopes and play with the “toys” that educated kids on building and construction development…










Later we  decided to head towards SP mall (probably because it was a little too warm to really enjoy too much time out doors), and finally ended up relaxing some at our hotel before heading out to a celebratory dinner at Fleming’s (near the Epicenter in downtown Charlotte).  You like the view from our room?…


On Sunday we finished off our eating weekend with breakfast at Terrace Café which is a great spot for breakfast/brunch!

One neat thing that we noticed during our stay and on our way home on Sunday was that we stayed on the 24th floor of our hotel (the day we got married and the day of our first anniversary), so I wanted to snap a pic.  But thankfully I did, because on the way home we also looked up and saw a cloud in the sky shaped like the number 7 and it was just meant to be…taken by photo, that is!  So there you go…we saw a 7 in the sky and stayed on the 24th floor…our wedding date, our first anniversary, yesterday’s date…7/24.  With all the fun it’s been in such a short year that seemed to fly by, I’m looking forward to all the many more years together and anniversaries to celebrate. 







Ellen said...

Looks like it was a great weekend! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

Liz Bridges said...

I am glad you had fun on youe anniversary trip! It's always fun to explore a new city! I am hoping to take Sadie to Discovery Place one day soon. Supper sure is slipping by, though! :( Happy anniversary!

Kate said...

Love this! What a sweet post commemorating a sweet weekend for the SWEETEST couple! Love y'all!

Leenie said...

Glad you had a fun anniversary! I know you enjoyed Discovery Place. I loved taking my students there for field trips.

Chase Irons said...

That is so cool! It looks like yall had a wonderful time!

Charity said...

Looks like a great way to celebrate one year, Meredith! Great picture of you guys too, you look so pretty! xoxo