Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it. - Danny Kaye

Monday, July 25, 2011

7/24…(not to be confused with “24/7”)

This weekend we opted for a quick, last-minute get-away to celebrate our first anniversary.  We decided to keep it a short drive and hopped up to Charlotte for a day/night trip to enjoy the city a little differently than we normally do (which is to hit up South Park Mall).  We started out by having lunch in a new area (new to us) called NoDa (North Davidson area).  At the recommendation of a friend we tried Cabo Fish Taco which was quick and very uniquely delicious!  Southern California style food mixed with Mexican Traditional food made for a nice lunch to start our “tour of Charlotte for a day”.  Next we drove through downtown and there spotted an old elementary school field trip destination (Discovery Place) and decided to go inside…this time to appreciate it’s learning aspects as adults.  David had never been to Discovery Place and I’m pretty sure it was very different from my original trip which was almost 20 years ago…so it was fun and educational, but definitely geared towards kids’ learning…but we were able to see unique rainforest animals, things under microscopes and play with the “toys” that educated kids on building and construction development…










Later we  decided to head towards SP mall (probably because it was a little too warm to really enjoy too much time out doors), and finally ended up relaxing some at our hotel before heading out to a celebratory dinner at Fleming’s (near the Epicenter in downtown Charlotte).  You like the view from our room?…


On Sunday we finished off our eating weekend with breakfast at Terrace Café which is a great spot for breakfast/brunch!

One neat thing that we noticed during our stay and on our way home on Sunday was that we stayed on the 24th floor of our hotel (the day we got married and the day of our first anniversary), so I wanted to snap a pic.  But thankfully I did, because on the way home we also looked up and saw a cloud in the sky shaped like the number 7 and it was just meant to be…taken by photo, that is!  So there you go…we saw a 7 in the sky and stayed on the 24th floor…our wedding date, our first anniversary, yesterday’s date…7/24.  With all the fun it’s been in such a short year that seemed to fly by, I’m looking forward to all the many more years together and anniversaries to celebrate. 






Friday, July 22, 2011

getting ready to celebrate…


Our First Anniversary!  Can’t believe a year went by so fast, but it’s been a year of fun, transition, growing, laughing, sharing, cooking, listening, learning & most of all enjoying being a wife!  Happy Anniversary, David…looking forward to celebrating this weekend…and eating some cake!!

group shot yay

Monday, July 18, 2011

a (snapshot) weekend in photos…

Not much to report today except when I looked back at my photos taken over the weekend with my iPhone, I decided I might as well do a quick post…why not?  Sometimes the short, somewhat-meaningless posts are the most fun to read, right?

This was a decently busy weekend for me as I traveled up to Greenville on Saturday for a quick round-trip baby shower in honor of one of my good friends (and expecting mother) Kelley Norris (check her out here).  She along with another dear friend Molly Cashman are both ‘expecting’ a day apart in September…so there are babies, mothers-to-be & baby bellies poking out from every direction!  I didn’t get a pic from the shower as I didn’t want to have my cell phone out (and was sans Nikon) so I have other photos to share instead. 

My mom has recently transferred two chairs to her living room in hopes that maybe one day this pair will be perfectly suitable for her living room (well, they actually fit perfectly and somewhat go with the colors in the room, but with the right fabric and fresh update they may be even more perfect).  I caught a shot of my pup Zoe resting on one before I went to the baby shower, so not only do you get to see her cute face, but you also get a glimpse of the color (& fabric) currently on the chairs (yep, a semi-bright orange) and I hope to (maybe one day soon) help Mom find the perfect new color & fabric for these two quaint twin chairs! 


As I mentioned previously, it was a quick round-trip to Greenville and back to Columbia, and although I have promised before that I wouldn’t text while driving (and I don’t), I still had to capture this rare moment as I drove back into Columbia Saturday afternoon…I mean really…who looks down right at the perfect moment to see such round numbers?!?!  I thought it was appropriate to capture it (and I promise it was quick because you can tell from the poor quality of the photo).


After rushing back in town I quickly met up for a fun dinner with friends before some of them had to head back home even further out of town.  We tried out a place I’d never been before located right here in Columbia next to Dianne’s on Devine (Virtu).  It was a delicious tapas restaurant with very good food!  I started out with a watermelon martini and finished with a glass of pinot noir, but in-between enjoyed nibbles of appetizers, a 3 Hearts Caesar Salad & their special “Surf ‘n Turf” with three tenderloins topped with crab & buerre blanc sauce…ummmm!

surf n turf at virtue

And last but not least I wrapped up the weekend feeling inspired by my new favorite show on Bravo TV… “Million Dollar Decorators”.  Yes, this show is “totally delicious”! (-quote from one of my fav characters, Martyn Lawrence Bullard).  I have wanted to (in due time) finish doing some decorating at our house (namely to do some fabrics on the windows…it can add so much to a room, don’t you think?), so I’m putting together my idea board (no, I’m not an interior decorator nor designer by trade or experience)…just giving myself a creative place to note & remember fabrics, furniture & colors I like.  Maybe it’s just a little something to keep me inspired over the course of time that it’ll actually take to accomplish all of this, but for now it’s fun to put it on paper, so-to-speak.  Either way, are you impressed?!?  ;)

design board

What did you accomplish this weekend?  Any fun tasks or new projects you’re undertaking?  I’d love to hear, so post a comment!  (and happy Monday!)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Are we really turning 30?

Although it’s a tough pill to swallow and I feel like I’m still in my early twenties, time is inevitable and it’s bound to happen…turning 30.  And what better way to enter a new decade than with great friends in a beautiful location!  This weekend was my dear friend Nessa’s 30th (well, it’s actually today, July 11th…happy birthday, Ness!) and we decided to help her “ring in the new year” by celebrating in Hilton Head at a relaxing resort with pools, beach, sun, sand, margaritas, champagne, birthday cake (courtesy Marianna), delicious dinners & just good times.  From the fun surprise we received upon arrival with gift bags full of goodies including a bottle of wine with Nessa’s baby picture (thanks, Ashley) to the amazing meals we had at fantastic restaurants (Truffles Café & Sante Fe Café) on the island (thanks for the planning Mari & Jenna) to the absolutely super-relaxing day by the pool with good friends…what a way to enjoy the start of this next phase in life… “the grown-up phase”…  Haha…we’ll see about that!















Enjoy your thirties, Nessa…I’m not too far behind you!  :)