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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I have a secret…and it’s finally out!

After a very long and very short five weeks, the news is finally out. My sister’s engaged and we’re gaining a family member! Yep, Adrienne & Paul (my youngest sister and her former bf) are now officially on the wedding planning path and have become fiancés! We’re all super excited about this very exciting and fun news and can’t wait for the celebrations to begin! Congratulations, Adrienne & Paul…we’re so happy and excited for you two and wish you nothing but happiness always!
Love, Meredith & David


BillDixon said...

Congratulations to Adrienne and Paul! Paul I know you know how fun this family is.

Liz Bridges said...

Isn't it so exciting??? I was thinking today about all the fun events that we're going to have over the next 6 months. It makes me sad that Memama and Grindaddy won't be here to celebrate with us, but I know they are celebrating together.

I was just telling a friend of mine... yay! An excuse to buy more party dresses! LOL.

AW said...

EWWWW WEEEE I am so excited too! Thanks for all the sweet wishes. We are both thrilled! I have thought about Memama and Grindaddy constantly... I know they are thrilled that he is "my person."