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Sunday, April 17, 2011

A new addition…

…well not my new addition, but one to the family.  This weekend my sister Adrienne and her boyfriend Paul drove to Aiken, SC to pick up a new puppy.  They found Madeline “Mady” two weeks ago and were lucky enough to bring this precious Golden Retriever home on Friday.  David and I (along with our Zoe) had a chance to stop by to see this new baby on Saturday afternoon and well, let’s just say I had my camera ready…isn’t she so cute?!?!!!














Lindsay Willis said...

That is the most precious baby ever!!!! LOVE!

Erin said...

Zoey looks a little iffy but she is so cute!! Tell Adrienne I might just have to come to sc to love on her puppy

AW said...

Great Post Myrna! I must say, she is a cutie. She is currently sitting in my lap checking herself out in these pretty pictures!

Ashley Rodgers said...

Love these pics! Especially the one of her and Zoe sitting on the porch. What a cutie!

Chase Irons said...

Oh my gosh, these pics are great!! We got to meet Mady last night and she couldn't be any cuter! She and Zoe looked like they had the best time.

BillDixon said...

Cute! Good choice of breeds. I've been without a dog for a while and this makes me want another one. Having a big dog like Mady makes you get out every day which you'll love, Adrienne. Now you'll have to start watching "Dog Whisper".

Helen said...

I love the pictures that you took of Mady and Zoe!!! Sooooooooo cute!!! Love my grandpuppies!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...she is just precious! I LOVE the one of them sitting on the porch...Zoe isn't quite sure about Mady just yet! HAHA!