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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Way to Go…

A little over a month ago my family had to say goodbye to my grandmother Helen Dixon “Dixie” Sharkey at the age of 89. On Tuesday we will say farewell to her love of almost 66 years, my grandfather Lawrence “Larry” Sharkey who lived to the bright-eyed age of 92.

I’ve neglected my blog over the past few weeks. Work has gotten extremely busy and I guess I’ve allowed my laptop to remain in my computer bag after hours and on the weekends to have a bit of “separation” from the mainstream. But I return tonight to reflect on a life of not only a wonderful family man, pianist and former Marine, but also to reflect on a relationship that has been rekindled again after a short time apart and one that will last forever…truly forever.

It’s easy to say “you’re sorry” or that you’re “thinking about someone” when they lose a grandparent…or at least that’s the way I used to see it. So many friends of mine have lost their grandparents in the past and I never knew what it really felt like…I guess in a way I thought they wouldn’t be too sad since their grandparent(s) probably lived a long and happy life. To say the least, I felt I was pretty darn lucky to have three healthy and living grandparents. But in a turn of the calendar page my family has seen some very sad moments in only one quarter of this New Year.

Last month my mom lost her mother and one month later (exactly 44 days to the date) she’s now lost her father…a lot to take in for a person. But if I had to be completely honest, I’d have to say that although it’s extremely hard to lose someone you love so dearly and who touched so many lives, I am so very happy for my “Grindaddy” and that he can be with “Memama” for the rest of eternity. I don’t think a single story from my childhood to my adulthood that involves my grandparents would have been only about one or the other. These two were like peas in a pod and where one was, the other was too. Now the two of them can be together forever and they will be missed so very dearly.

To Memama and Grindaddy, you made a beautiful and loving family and you supported each of us no matter what. I can only hope that I’ll have the same life and marriage that you two did…and that David and I will be half as lucky for the good fortune in life that you two had. You loved us all unconditionally and we loved you back. You two deserve to be together and I’m so glad you are now. If we could wish for one thing at the end of life, to be with the one we love…I’d say that’s truly the way to go.

All my love – Meredith

photo booth 1
photo booth 2
photo booth 3
rehearsal dinner

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Arts and Artistic App

On Wednesday night David and I decided to do something a little different…a different kind of “date night” mid-week…we went to see “Romeo & Juliet” at the Newberry Opera House in Newberry, South Carolina. I read about this production last weekend in the paper and thought it was a way we could get out and enjoy the arts nearby and to support a local, cultural event. Neither of us had been to the Newberry Opera House before, but we were both impressed by its ornate and cozy-old-school-feel that it gave to show-goers as we settled into our very high-school-like-auditorium seats. We began to take in the layout before the show just in time to notice that not only would the auditorium probably not fully fill up (in part probably because it was a ‘school night’) but also that we were clearly the youngest people by several generations. Not that it’s bad to be put out of your comfort zone or among the older & wiser, but it was quite humorous to us and we knew everyone was there to merely enjoy the show…that is until we heard the sound of high schoolers enter at the very last minute to take their seats…most likely for their high school English, Literature or Drama class assignments. The best part was watching one young couple in front of us stroke each others’ faces and whisper sweet-nothings into each others’ ear…well, until it just became obsessive. Either way…another good laugh to us as it was all part of the setting.

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inside hall
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The production was great, set back in the 1920’s with the inclusion of several Shakespearian additions (namely the language), it had comical humor and lots of good character (literally). We enjoyed the show and our trip to Newberry, but I also saw something that has stuck with me even a little more than just the scenery on stage…


…a COUCH. Yep, you heard that right. During intermission I came across this gorgeous sofa in a waiting area at the Opera House and had to snap a quick photo of it…with my new iPhone. Now I wasn’t going to write about the fact that I got a new cellular, however I have now officially fallen in love with one of my new ‘apps’…Instagram. Many of you out there may already know about this application which can be downloaded for free, but I was just introduced to this app the other day and it’s awesome. I knew immediately what photo I could play around with…the COUCH photo. So here you have it…some fun, ‘old’, artistic (or artsy) photos…of the COUCH…enjoy!

couch 1
the original photo, a little blurry in larger format (all photos via iPhone)

couch 2
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couch 3
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couch 4
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couch 5
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