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Sunday, February 27, 2011

I have a confession to make…

So as some of you may have read already I decided a few weeks back to take on a 30-day vegetarian lifestyle challenge and well, I’m here to make a confession…I didn’t succeed and although I’m not happy that I failed again at completing a task for myself (more on that in a minute) I’m not going to give up just yet. A little over two weeks ago my grandmother (Helen Dixon “Dixie” Sharkey) passed away somewhat unexpectedly and although you wouldn’t think that’d have much to do with how I ate, it actually did. The first week of my vegetarian lifestyle challenge went very smooth and was very easy to live by, but with my grandmother’s passing, I had one evening right before her funeral where I just totally forgot all about my “plan” and ate chicken fingers. Yep…two weeks ago today. I haven’t written about this confession yet because in a way I was really disappointed in myself and somewhat angry that I messed up my plan. But after giving it some thought (or to be quite honest, not too much thought) I realized I needed to let go of a few “rules” for a few days/weeks and just live…without thinking so much. I think I actually needed a few days to grieve and therefore decided to let my emotions just be and do as they wanted and not worry about everything I was putting in my mouth (or not putting in my mouth).
So with that being said, and although from time-to-time I don’t seem to always run across the finish line with things (reading books to the final chapter) or completing tasks (getting my real estate license in a timely manner) I do plan to go back to my 30-day vegetarian lifestyle…in due course. Again, not a good time-frame for myself but I am watching what I eat, I’m choosing more vegetarian options during the week when I’m feeling my best (routine) and I’m going to take each day as it comes.
And I think this was the right time to finally “come clean” about my mess up…as I opened the mail yesterday to find the PETA Go Vegetarian Start Kit booklet that I ordered (for free) online when I began my challenge three weeks ago. It’s pretty impressive the way PETA markets themselves…with the use of celebrities and their statement(s) on why they chose to go vegetarian/vegan, it’s a little bit more encouraging and almost enlightening to read. And there on the cover was one of my favorite actors of our time (generation)…Natalie Portman. David and I finally made it to the theater last night to see “Black Swan” (one of the Academy Award nominations for best picture and best lead actress)…if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s fantastic. Definitely a drama and definitely some twists to it, but really interesting and a deep perspective on the struggles between a person and their inner demons…and I digress…
So maybe after I watch Natalie (possibly) take away an Oscar tonight on TV I’ll be re-inspired to finish reading my Starter Kit booklet and plan to finish the challenge of eating vegetarian for 30 days…and write you again with a completed update…in the near future. Thanks for the support from the beginning and I look forward to completing this quest for myself very soon.

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Kate said...

I had a dream that I was eating a hot dog last night. So I think we're even. :)