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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A New Addition(s)…and one old favorite

Ok, ok…it’s not what you think. Haha…I’m only newly (six months) married, so there’s no rush for “that” just yet. But I do have a few new addition(s) that I’d like to share with you…a few items added to mi casa over the past few months. As an attempt to (slowly but surely) decorate my home with “accent pieces” after four years of homeownership, I’ve decided to photograph them and say a few words. So with no further ado, here they are!

Our new candle holder, which we found accidentally, turned out to be the perfect (large) piece to put atop our armoire in the living room…it was quite bare and sad up there before, but with the new addition it helps move the eye through the room with ease. The candles are more so an ‘extra’ to add to the holder rather than getting used, but we’ll see how that goes.

This other piece as you’re probably wondering either (a) what is it? or (b) what is it going to be used for? is actually a bird cage! Well to be honest I have been thinking about getting a bird cage to put in our guest bedroom which is one of the last rooms my husband and I are re-doing together, so this was the choice…and cheap, too! It hasn’t really found a ‘home’ just yet, but that is soon to come…decorating (as I’ve learned) takes time and comes in baby steps (no pun intended). But one day I’ll be able to share with you the final placement and I look forward to seeing the end result, too.

This third piece I’m sharing is a vanity that we found at an antique mall…one Saturday when I said to David, “I want to go antiquing!”…I think he was cautious at first, but he loves The History Channel and National Geographic (shows about museums, the infamous “Pawn Stars” and antiques dealers) , so I knew he’d enjoy tagging along. We enjoyed viewing all the old furniture, dishes and collectibles throughout the mall and stumbled across this little ‘beaut’ (courtesy of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation)! We had tried looking for a vanity that I could use in our bedroom for makeup but were unsuccessful and this one was WAY cheaper…and an antique! Well, it’s not in our room, but it’s perfect along the entry wall of our guest bedroom…this room still to be redone in due time. I just loved the imperfections in it and how feminine it was…I decided this guest bedroom would be my girly room…no TV and nothing work-related, just a relaxing ‘space’ (courtesy of House Hunters on HGTV) for family and friends to stay.

And lastly, one of my oldest and most favorite items that I could never give up…my bust that I purchased off a department store floor when it was closing for business almost four years ago…something I just had to have!! I had always admired these mannequins as sort-of an art piece, if you will, but nonetheless she has gotten lots of good use and a few compliments along the way. I actually plan to redo the material on it but again, since this will go in my girly room, I’ll have to figure out the rest first.

So those are a few of my new addition(s) and an old favorite…

What are some of your new addition(s) or favorite old pieces?


Chase Irons said...

I love all of these unique pieces, Meredith! You have such a lovely home and have a knack for decorating. Everything looks great!

yceceli1 said...

Girl - this will sound weird but I have a birdcage in my bedroom that I use to hold jewelry, it keeps everything organized so I can see it and looks really cute, juse an idea.

I also wanted to share with you LeAnne's blog - I have been amazed with some of the the things that she has been working on and thought that you might be interested: