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Monday, December 27, 2010

A Little Rose

This Christmas Eve we woke up to the passing of my parents’ 12 year old Yorkie, Rosie. She had been a super-sweet dog for over a decade and treated everyone who came into contact with her with respect, love and a calmness that we all should display more often. She had been going through a tough two years of up and down health and had tumors on her liver, so there wasn’t much that one could do for an elderly pup who just needed to enjoy her remaining days at ease. When she passed, we knew she was up in Heaven running and playing with our other past loving pets (Maggie, Molly & Abby)…but then we laughed and smiled to ourselves and remembered that Rosie didn’t really particularly like to run after toys or play with other dogs…instead she would relax often, snuggle some and love unconditionally all the time.  We know she will always be in our hearts but I think I'll often remember her most when I see a beautiful rose.  Until we see you in Heaven dear, Rosie…good night…and I love you.



Liz Bridges said...

So sweet. She was a beautiful, sweet puppy. She will be missed very much.

Chase Irons said...

I am thinking about yall, Meredith! It is wonderful that you will always remember her everytime you see a rose.

AW said...

Aw- that brought a couple tears. Love that sweet baby.

Ellen said...

I know you will all miss Rosie very much. She was so sweet.

I love this quote (my mom has this hanging at the beach house):

"Heaven is a place where all the dogs you've ever loved come to greet you."