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Monday, December 13, 2010

Cookies for everyone...

This weekend I decided I would bake again, it’s something I’ve come to really enjoy…for some reason the ingredients that go into baking seem very feminine to me or just very easy-going.  Is that odd?  Well, although I am no perfectionist when it comes to baking, nor does it come naturally to me, I think I’m learning to have a new-found respect for bakers, dessert-makers and pastry chefs.  In a word, it’s “sweet”.  Nonetheless, I would not be having so much fun if it weren’t for my beautiful (that’s right, beautiful) KitchenAid Stand Mixer (thanks, Mom, Adrienne & Liz).  I got this as a gift at a “Kitchen Shower” during my engagement and before getting married.  It is definitely one of my favorite gifts and has surprisingly gotten a lot of use over the past 4+ months.  I feel like it’s sort-of a distant pet, if you will…where I feel the need to take it out of the corner of the kitchen on occasion, and put it to good use…so it doesn’t get rusty.
Well this weekend, my interest was slightly less selfish and a little more giving…after all, it’s that time of year.  This year I thought I’d make goodies for our neighbors, a sort-of domestic and appreciative gesture to the folks who live around us and treat us well (and keep an eye out on our home when we’re away).  I noted a few recipes and settled (for today at least) on three:  Alton Brown’s Chocolate Fudge recipe from The Food Network, and two from the Martha Stewart Cookies cookbook that was also a gift from my friend Pressly.  Those two recipes: Buttery Pecan Rounds and Peanut Crisps.  Everything went pretty smooth in the kitchen (as it usually tends to do when baking…you can’t really mess up most baking recipes too badly unless you’re just not paying attention to the time).  How’d they turn out, you ask?  Well, I think pretty good.  I wish I had a new memory card in my camera as I would’ve certainly loved to have shared my goodies with you all, but for now I’ll share pictures of what they should look like…
Chocolate Fudge (well, I do think mine looked this good)

Buttery Pecan Rounds

Peanut Crips

I guess tomorrow night I’ll get them wrapped up and delivered…one last recipe that I really wanted to try but may have to wait until next week is the Martha Stewart Candy-Stripe Cookie Sticks!  That might put me into the next level of “la patissiere”!
for another day...

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