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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Yoga & Beauty

I can't believe I'm doing two posts in two days, but this is maybe one of those things that I will look forward to every day...almost like a kid looks forward to recess at school.  Either way, I woke up this morning with the excitement that it was not only Saturday morning but that I was going to have the time to wake up with my husband and pup and have a cup of coffee before heading to yoga.  I began working out more intently back in January in order to get in shape for my upcoming wedding in July.  During that time I decided to try yoga...something very foreign to me but also very intriguing.  I slacked off with my workouts right after my wedding (almost to become a "statistic" in gaining a little 'love weight')...or so I'd like to think.  But luckily my husband and I decided to get back into the grind and put exercise and the gym at the top of our lists of things to do.  So this morning was nothing different and we both headed to the gym to do our thing...

I have come to appreciate yoga more and more as I continue to attend.  I appreciate the instructors and the knowledge they know and share with us during class and I also appreciate all the people around me who continue to come to yoga for either the physical benefit and/or the spiritual benefit.  I think I practice yoga for both reasons.  This morning was nothing special, but as we neared the end of the class (which can tend to be a difficult part of yoga for me) I tried to slow my mind and get into Savasana ('corpse pose').  This is the part of yoga that instructors always say is the hardest pose (although it hardly feels like a pose)...and what they mean is that it's hard to get your mind away from the 'every day' and to let go of the stress and tension you carry with you in every day life. 

My Savasana experiences (if I am able to get out of my normal thoughts) usually carry me to a place that is outdoors, beautiful and very spacious.  I have been to the Blue Ridge Mountains before, to the tips of the Alaskan peeks and today I was in a rain forest.  I know you may be asking yourself if I am on something during Savasana, but I think what I've come to realize is that if ever I were to come back to Earth (in an 'After Life'), I believe I would return as an eagle of some sort.  I have never seen what I look like in Savasana, but I know that I can fly or possibly walk and that I feel absolutely free, at peace and that I can take in all the beauty that is Earth.

Towards the end of Savasana you are supposed to wake your body back up and bring your mind back to.  The instructor usually ends class with a reading (whether it be a poem or something profound that someone once said).  Today for some reason I clung onto every word that our instructor read and I feel this is a message that society is trying to put back out to people (women and young girls more specifically) and all I could think of was my dear friend who I respect so much and look to for guidance (and who also shares this love and devotion to blogging):

"One comes, finally, to believe whatever one repeats to one's self, whether the statement is true or false." - Napoleon Hill

"Our inner dialogue can have awesome power.  It often determines the behavior that defines who we are.  We do, of course, have some choice as to the direction this inner dialogue will take.  It's as easy to affirm our self-worth with positive messages as it is to tear ourselves down with negative ones.  And yet, many of us fall so easily into negative patterns of thought. 

As with so many aspects of our life, we become proficient at what we regularly practice.  The regular, preferably daily, use of positive affirmations can make such a profound contribution to our well-being and willingness to grow and learn, that it can change the course of our life.  All we have to do is develop the discipline to make these postive messages habitual.  In so doing, we bring our vision of ourselves in line with God's, Who accepts us completely as we are."

"The messages I give myself today will remind me that I am a capable and lovable human being."


Kate said...

I love you, friend. I am so proud of you, and am so honored to have been named as an inspiration. You are such a blessing in my life.

And PS - that quote is so going on my mirror. Do you know where your yoga instructor found it?

Kate said...

More from me (you're going to be sorry you ever let me know about this place...ha ha). I read a quote today that made me think of you, and this:

The more articulate one is, the more dangerous words can become. - May Sarton

I suppose I'd also like to argue that the more nurturing and inspiring and uplifting words can become to, but she certainly has a point...