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Monday, November 29, 2010

A Time to be THANKFUL

This year Thanksgiving meant a lot more to me and I felt a little more loved.  This is all due in part because this year I celebrated two Thanksgivings rather than one.  Yep, we have reached that adult, grown up time in married life where you split time with families.  This year was the first time I shared Thanksgiving with not just my family but also with my husband's family and you know what?  I thought it was pretty awesome.  We had a two-night visit with David's family in Aiken where we not only got to spend time with his mom and grandmother, but we also got to spend some good, quality time with his sister Erin and her boyfriend Josh...AND four other pups!  The household was slightly canine-overwhelmed, but I think that actually played a part in all the fun.  From a 3 lb Chihuahua to an approximate 100 lb Boxer-Pit Bull mix, these five pups attempted to share space with each other, share food and more importantly share human time. 
Thanksgiving Day was delicious and fun. David’s aunts, uncles & cousins came from around the state to his mom’s house to enjoy and share in lots of food. I stuffed myself relentlessly and then continued that endeavor well into the evening. The next two days were nothing different. We enjoyed a wonderful meal at Smoke on the Water Friday evening – an early celebratory dinner for my sister’s upcoming birthday. Then we did a sort-of “round 2” Thanksgiving at my folks’ Saturday night with family that I had missed seeing on the actual holiday.


This year I spent some time in my own kitchen in preparation for the ‘holiday of food and thanks’ and I made mini-pumpkin muffins (thanks to my good friend Erin), sweet potato casserole (an appreciation to my late great-aunt Kitty) and festive, holiday trail mix…something I fell in love with a year ago at a Halloween get-together (thanks, Ashley!).
So with all the cooking, drinking, over-eating and time spent together I came back to reality (work and a normal schedule) with a little more gratitude for those family members in my life…both the ones from the very beginning of time and the new ones with which I’m blessed to be a part of thru my marriage.

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