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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

my little love (one of them)

I took my dog Zoe to get her hair cut the other day (her mama got a cut on the very same mother like daughter, I guess).  Well since then I have been obsessed with her...maybe it's the cute new "do" or maybe her short trim fits her personality perfect, I'm not sure what.  Either way, she's seemed to have an unbelievably sweet demeanor and loving manner about her since last Thursday and when you start petting her or scratching her belly, neck, head, ears...don't even think about stopping.

When reading my friend's blog post today about the death of her sister's three year old pup, I couldn't help but think of my baby at home.  Dogs are special creatures.  We all get a little teary-eyed sometimes or get chill bumps when reading a sweet e-mail forward about dogs and what they mean to humans, but do you ever just come in the door, stop what you're doing and love on your dog the way they love on you?  I had been thinking about this over the weekend some and discussed this with my friend Ellen today...someone who also shares a love for Maltese.  Anyway, we had to agree that all too often we get busy with our lives and forget about the little life that waited all day to see you and is so excited to kiss you, love you, play with you and lay with you...our little furry friends. 

I decided before leaving town today (had a night away for work) to take some photos of my Zoe.  She poses pretty darn well, I have to say, and so I hope you enjoy these cute shots of her new "do" too!
on alert

just being cute

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Liz said...

She looks super cute and clean and white in these pictures!!!